Internship Directory
Internship Directory of Training Opportunities for Clinical Psychology Interns provides unique information not available elsewhere, including research opportunities and training in empirically supported interventions. The last edition of the directory was published in 2019.

For more information and to access the directory, visit the main SSCP Website: 

SSCP/APS Mentorship Match Database

SSCP and APS have developed a program to support career mentorship of graduate students, post-doctoral and early career members. This program is designed to connect psychological scientists working in a variety of jobs and settings with students looking for a range of employment opportunities.

A searchable database has been developed. Students can search the directory and contact those psychological scientists who have jobs that they would like to learn more about.
The database can be accessed here: 

SSCP Internship and Postdoctoral Guides 
SSCP has three great Q&As designed to help you better navigate the internship process and beyond! Below, we have a Q&A with two internship directors, a "survival guide" about navigating clinical internship as a research-oriented intern, and selecting more research-oriented postdoctoral positions. 

Internship Match/Selection Process: The student Perspective

Internship Match/Selection Process: The Director's Guide

Navigating Internship as a Research-Oriented Intern

An Applicant's Guide to Research-Oriented Postdocs

 "How did I get here?" Video Series
The SSCP video series entitled "How Did I Get Here" was designed to complement the Psychological Science Career Mentorship Match program to help students and early career psychologists obtain more information about a variety of career paths available to them. 

In this video series, psychological scientists in various positions describe their career path, discuss obstacles that were overcome along the way to their current position, and share what they wish they had known earlier in their career. These are the personal stories you don't get from a CV! 

Videos available here:

Virtual Lunch Series
Each month, SSCP features a video series on clinical science hosted by leaders in the field. We hope this series offers everyone a chance to hear about some great clinical science and participate in a field-wide discussion! 

The video series can be accessed here:


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