August 2, 2009

Call for Nominations

The Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP) invites nominations for four positions for the SSCP Executive Board: President-ElectSecretary-Treasurer,Member-At-Large, and Student Representative. Descriptions of the duties of each position are provided below. 

All terms of office will begin January 1, 2010. The Presidential cycle is 3 years: 1 year each as President-Elect, President, and Past- President. Please click on Officers for a list of current and past Board members. The Secretary-Treasurer serves a 3-year term. Each Member-At-Large and Student Representative serves a 2-year term. Terms are staggered so that one new Member-At-Large and Student Representative, respectively, are elected each year. Nominations for Student Representative should include a brief (~100-150 words) paragraph describing the nominee’s background (e.g., graduate institution, area(s) of interest, significant accomplishments and relevant qualifications). Submit nominations, including self-nominations, to Lee Anna Clark, Nominations Committee Chair: by July 31, 2009. For a list of duties for each position please go to Each candidate will be asked to submit a brief (~150-200 words) statement about their qualifications and their interest in running for a position on the SSCP Board. These statements will be provided to members with the election ballot. NOTE: All SSCP members are invited to submit nominations for any position, but only full members are eligible to vote for SSCP Officers and Members-at Large, and only student members are eligible to vote for Student Representatives. Nominations Committee: Lee Anna Clark (Chair), Thomas Oltmanns, Sherryl Goodman, Ashley Pietrefesa (Student Representative).

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