Jessica L. Hamilton, Student Representative

Hello, my name is Jessica Hamilton and I am currently a 5th year graduate student in the Clinical Psychology PhD program at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. My research focuses on the role of biopsychosocial vulnerabilities in risk for internalizing disorders from a developmental framework. I am thrilled to have the opportunity be one of the SSCP student representatives and help SSCP thrive as a resource and community for clinical psychology students. Contact Jessica at

Andrea Niles, Student Representative

Hi, my name is Andrea Niles.  I am an advanced graduate student in the UCLA Clinical Psychology program currently on internship at University of Washington.  My research focuses on treatment of anxiety disorders and links between physical and psychological health.  I am excited to represent the SSCP students on our board and to identify and implement ways to better meet student's needs!

Sam Cooper, Listserv Facilitator

I am a clinical PhD student at the University of Minnesota working with Dr. Shmuel Lissek. My research interests are centered on the neurobiological and behavioral processes underlying fear and anxiety, and how these processes contribute to the development and maintenance of different forms of psychopathology. I have been an SSCP member since I was an undergraduate student, and have found it to be an amazing source of information and knowledgeable people at all stages of my career. I am particularly interested in increasing awareness of and participation in SSCP (and clinical science in general) in undergraduate and post-bacc students.

Christina Emeh, Communications Manager 

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Connecticut College
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Mississippi State University
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