SSCP is happy to offer three Outstanding SSCP Student Awards: 

Outstanding SSCP Student Researcher Award Deadline: September 15

This award is intended to recognize outstanding graduate students who are providing exceptional contributions to the science of clinical psychology. Winners will be selected based upon their research contributions to the field. 

Outstanding SSCP Student Teacher Award Deadline: December 1

This award is intended to recognize outstanding graduate students who are providing exceptional contributions to the field of clinical psychology through their teaching. Winners will be selected based upon their dedication to, creativity in, and excellence in teaching in the area of clinical science (this can include experience as a teaching assistant). 

Outstanding SSCP Student Clinician Award Deadline: March 1

This award is intended to recognize outstanding graduate students who are providing exceptional contributions to the field of clinical psychology through their clinical work. Winners will be selected based upon their community involvement, contribution to the program in an exceptional way, use ofscience in clinical practice, and ehancement of science in clinical work.


To apply, students must read the guidelines and send us their nomination package along with a cover sheet. SSCP encourages candidates from all underrepresented and minority groups to apply for the Outstanding SSCP Student Awards. For more information regarding the application, see award cover sheet and submission guidelines.

Previous SSCP Student Award Winners

Outstanding Researcher Award:
2015: Jonathan Stange, Colleen Stiles-Shields, and Hannah Williamson
2014: Quetzal Class, Catharine Fairbairn, Stephanie Gorka, Autumn Kujawa, and Cheri Levinson 

OutstandingTeacher Award:
2015: Sophia Choukas-Bradley and Jena Shaw 

Outstanding Clinician Award:
2016: Halina Dour and Kate Herts
2015: Ryan Jacoby and Laura Mlynarsky

SSCP Dissertation Grant Awards
 These awards are intended to both recognize and support students who have already received approval for their dissertation project. Accordingly, in addition to the evaluation of the proposal as a whole, we will also consider what additional sources of funding have been received in the context of the overall estimated cost of the project.  Awards will be in the amount of $500. It is anticipated that up to 5 grants will be funded. Eligibility requirements and application instructions are listed on the main SSCP website

Applications must be received by November 15.  Notification of awards will be made in early January.


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