As student representatives, our job is to serve as the student liaisons and represent student interests to the SSCP Board. Our goal is to help make SSCP an important resource and organization for students. With this mind, we are continually trying to increase student activity and involvement. Our student initiatives are ongoing, evolving, and we very much welcome feedback and input!

Student Initiative 1: Stimulate discussion of important issues in the field of clinical science
In addition to the full SSCP listserv, the student listserv is our venue to discuss issues that affect students, including clinical science, training, work-life balance, internship, and more! To this end, we are currently working to:
1. Improve and facilitate open dialogue on the listserv with the help of our listserv facilitator and campus representatives
2. Organize Question & Answer Sessions to help navigate life as a graduate student and beyond with internship directors, students, postdoctoral researchers, clinicians, and faculty at various stages of career
3. Host Journal Club with student members to share knowledge and recent articles about advances in the field
4. Organize a video series to address student issues, including internship, work-life balance, life in academia, the postdoctoral process, applying for jobs, clinical experiences, etc

Student Initiative 2: Provide resources for internship, training, and postdoctoral and faculty positions
We want to recognize you and your accomplishments and provide you with announcements that will help you with training and the next phase of your career. Current endeavors:
1. Offer student awards, including the outstanding researcher, clinician, and teacher awards, which are awarded once per year (see student awards section).
2. Advertise and assist with review of the annual Association for Psychological Science SSCP Poster Award
3. Include announcements for new training opportunities, postdoctoral and faculty positions, and other award and funding opportunities on the student listserv and website
4. Update the internship directory to provide unique information about research opportunities, training in empirically-supported interventions, and deadlines (see student resources section)
5. Organize the Internship Hotel Match to help reduce costs associated with the internship process.
6. Publicize and improve the SSCP/APS career mentorship match process (

Student Initiative 3: Networking
Networking is an important part of our SSCP goals. We want to promote networking between full SSCP members, including the SSCP board members, and students by providing opportunities to mingle and learn from one another- while having fun! To do this, we:
1. Organize and host networking events at annual conferences, including Association for Psychological Science (APS) and Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT)
2. Host round-table discussions at the social events to facilitate mingling of faculty and students

Student Initiative 4: Increase SSCP student awareness, membership, and involvement
Improving awareness of the many resources and advantages of SSCP membership for students is crucial to the success of our organization. Thus, we are actively trying to expand student membership of SSCP. To accomplish this, we:
1. Work with Campus Representatives to help spread the word about SSCP opportunities to their graduate programs and other institutions
2. Improve and update our website regularly to provide new resources and open discussion of student initiatives with the help of a new website manager (currently recruiting)
3. Provide updates for the SSCP Newsletter, Clinical Science, and open SSCP board meeting at APS
4. Send out surveys to get feedback about SSCP and how we can better serve your needs. If you have a suggestion for us, please enter it here: What else can we do to help?

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