December 1, 2011

SSCP Student Listserv Q&A Post Doc Responses

Hi everyone, 

In Winter 2011, we hosted a Q&A event over the SSCP student listserv, which focused on the post doc process. Dr. Rich McNally (RM) and Dr. Jonathan Comer (JC), answered student questions. 

The Q&A document is posted here. There is a lot of really great advice in this document and we hope you all find it helpful.

Dr. McNally suggests a resource in one of his responses and in addition, I wanted to give you a few other resources that focus on the process of applying for post-docs:

Forand and Applebaum (June 2011, the Behavior Therapist)
Seime and Zeiss (April 2005, the Behavior Therapist)

Please let us know if you have any suggestions on topics you would like our next Q&As to focus on. 

Kristy and Victoria

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