March 1, 2012

Winter 2012 Issue of Clinical Science Available

The current issue includes articles on several SSCP activities:

1. Richard Heimberg provides his first Presidential Column for SSCP.
2. David Smith provides the SSCP Treasurer's Report
3. Varda Shoham reflects on her time as the past president of SSCP.
4. Sara Stasik and Kristy Benoit provide an update from the student
5. The 2011 SSCP Dissertation Award Winners are announced. Congratulations!
6. Board Meeting notes form December 2011 and January 2012 are
included in the Newsletter.
7. Lastly, after 3 years of service, Erika Lawrence has officially
stepped down from her position as the Editor of the SSCP Newsletter
Clinical Science. We would like to thank Erika for all her hard work
and many hours in preparing the newsletters for SSCP. Erika
consistently produced high quality newsletters that were enjoyed and
read by many. Thanks Erica!

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