June 6, 2012

Record Number of Applicants in SSCP Student Poster Competition

SSCP holds a student poster competition at each annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science.  We had a record number of 84 posters in Chicago this year, about a 60% increase over previous years!  Because of the increased number of submissions and because the quality of the posters was uniformly high, we added two extra judges and increased the total amount of money awarded from $1000 to $1500.
The judges for this years competition were Marc Atkins, Michelle Craske (President-Elect of SSCP), Lea Dougherty (Editor of Clinical Science, the SSCP Newsletter), Elizabeth Hayden (Past Secretary/Treasurer of SSCP), Dave Smith (Current Secretary/Treasurer of SSCP), and myself.  Two winners ($200) and 11 “Distinguished Contributions” ($100) were identified.  The monetary prize is awarded to the first author of the poster. All student authors on an award-winning poster also receive a complimentary one-year membership in APS – Thank you Alan Kraut and APS!

The winners of the 2012 Student Poster Competition are:

“Protective Body Posture Modulates Physiological Response to Threat”
Joseph Wielgosz, Lisa M. Repshas, Lawrence L. Greischar, & Richard J. Davidson
University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Poorer Neighborhood Quality at Age 12 Predicts Stronger Acc Activation to Rejection Sensitivity in Young Adulthood”
Marlen Z. Gonzalez, Lane Beckes, Joanna Chango, Joseph P. Allen, & James A. Coan
University of Virginia
This year’s Distinguished Contributions are:

“Social Exclusion and Fearlessness Predict a Laboratory Proxy for Suicidal Behavior”
Jennifer L. Hames, Caroline Silva, Jessica D. Ribeiro, Nadia E. Teale, &Thomas E. Joiner
Florida State University
“Using Self- and Informant-Reported Personality Profiles to Predict Psychopathology”
Erin M. Lawton, & Thomas F. Oltmanns
Washington University in Saint Louis
“The Role of Stress Modality and Cognition in Neuroendocrine Reactivity During Childhood”
Stefanie E. Mayer, & Nestor L. Lopez-Duran
University of Michigan
“Maternal Depression and Early Child Temperament Predict Young Children’s Salivary Cortisol During Early Childhood”
Victoria C. Smith, Lea R. Dougherty, Thomas M. Olino, Margaret Dyson, Sara Bufferd, Suzanne Rose, & Daniel N. Klein
University of Maryland, College Park, and Stony Brook University
“Family Transmission of a General Risk for Externalizing Disorders: An Adoption Study”
Katherine T. Foster, Brian M. Hicks, William G. Iacono, & Matt McGue
University of Michigan and University of Minnesota
“Indirect and Direct Affective Evaluations of Unhealthy Foods”
Halley E. Woodward, & Teresa A. Treat
University of Iowa

“Childhood Victimization and Perceived Task Performance Predict Caloric Intake Following Stress Exposure”
Aimee J. Midei, & Karen A. Matthews
University of Pittsburgh
“Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia Improves Sleep Efficiency and Insomnia Severity Index in Insomnia Co-Morbid With Sleep Apnea or Periodic Limb Movements”
Leanna R. Garb, Richard Bootzin, Spencer Dawson, Jennifer Cousins, Keith Fridel, Souraya Sidani, Dana Epstein, & Patricia Moritz
University of Arizona, University of Pittsburgh, The Center for Sleep Medicine, Ryerson University, Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care System, and University of Colorado Health Services Center
“Daily Cognitive Reactivity Is a Negative Prospective Predictor of Depressive Symptoms”
Stefanie T. LoSavio, Lawrence H. Cohen, & Brendt P. Parrish
University of Delaware
“Early Menarche and Later Depressive Symptomatology: The Role of Prepubertal Depressive Symptoms”
Sarah R. Black, & Daniel N. Klein
Stony Brook University
“Parental Depression, Parenting, and Cortisol Reactivity in Preschoolers”
Marissa R. Tolep, Victoria C. Smith, Suzanne Rose, & Lea R. Dougherty
University of Maryland, College Park, and Stony Brook University

Thank you to all who participated!


Rick Heimberg
President, SSCP 2012

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