July 7, 2012

Call for Nominations for 2012 SSCP Election

Call for Nominations for 2012 SSCP Election: 
President Elect, Secretary Treasurer, Member-At-Large, Student Representative

The Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP) invites nominations for four positions for the SSCP Executive Board:  President-Elect, Secretary Treasurer, Member-At-Large, and Student Representative. Descriptions of the duties of each position are listed below. All terms of office will begin January 1, 2013. Please see our website
(http://sites.google.com/site/sscpwebsite/Home) for a list of current and past Board members.

The Presidential cycle is 3 years: 1 year each as President-Elect, President, and Past-President.

Each Member-At-Large and Student Representative serves a 2-year term.

Each candidate will be asked to submit a brief (~100-200 words) statement about their qualifications and their interest in running for a position on the SSCP Board. We will provide these statements to members with the election ballot.

NOTE: All SSCP members are invited to submit nominations for any position, but only full members are eligible to vote for SSCP President, Secretary Treasurer, and Members-at Large; and only student members are eligible to vote for Student Representatives.

Submit nominations, including self-nominations, to Varda Shoham (varda@email.arizona.edu) by August 12 with "SSCP Nominations" in the Subject Line.

Nomination committee members:
Varda Shoham (Chair)
        David A. Smith
Richard Heimberg
Sherryl Goodman
Sara Stasik

Annual Duties for SSCP Board Members
Per the bylaws, "Perform such duties as are customarily incident to this office" (e.g., create ad hoc committees; appoint ongoing committee members and committee chairs, liaisons, Clinical Science Newsletter Editor, etc.; assign tasks to Board members)

- Lead monthly Executive Board telephone meetings
- Schedule meetings (begin task as President-Elect, follow through Presidential year)
- Prepare agenda and lead discussion
- Compile meeting notes as President Elect
- Lead annual members meeting at APS or APA
- Determine meeting day/time
- Prepare agenda and lead discussion
- Report on year's activities to members
- Compile meeting notes as President Elect

- Oversee award processes (i.e., student posters at APS, Dissertation Awards, Distinguished Scientist Award, Outstanding Mentor Award) 

- Contribute two or more columns to newsletter, Clinical Science
- Head Nomination Committee for new officers (as Past-President)

- Deliver Presidential Address at the APA or APS convention
- Select APS and APA Program Chairs and work with them on program (begin task as President-Elect; complete during Presidential year; coordinate with APA's D12 representative).

Secretary Treasurer

- Keep SSCP's records

- Conduct the official correspondence of SSCP

- Have custody of all the organization's funds. 
- Sign checks on behalf of SSCP for the disbursement of funds authorized in the budget

- Keep a full record of all money received and all money disbursed and reports thereon periodically and at the annual SSCP meeting.

- Be responsible for fulfilling SSCP's responsibilities as a Section to Division 12, as outlined in article VI of the bylaws of the Division.


- Participate in monthly SSCP Executive Board telephone meetings

- Perform duties as assigned (e.g., form and chair an ad-hoc committee on a particular topic or issue).

Student Representative

- Participate in monthly SSCP Executive Board telephone meetings
- Represent the opinions and interests of SSCP student members to the Executive Board
- Advertise SSCP to potential student members
- Report on student issues and initiatives at annual SSCP members meeting
- Report on student issues and initiatives in the SSCP Newsletter, Clinical Science.
- Oversee the SSCP Student Website and listserv.

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