September 15, 2013

Advice from Internship Directors

Hi everyone,

Below are some notes we took on advice from internship directors, from a talk at ABCT 2012 Conference. We hope you find it useful! The below information can also be downloaded as a document here.

Application Process:

  • Organize material carefully and submit info as early as possible
  •  Apply to 12-15 programs
  • Select Internships you are applying to based on fit - communicate who you are and how your interests fit with the particular site
  • Seek out multidisciplinary settings- it's the way of the world
  •  Try to avoid geographic limitations
  •  Present yourself in an honest and straight-forward manner on  application - don't try to get "flowery and fun"


  • Try to visit site if possible - some places are going to do Skype or Phone interviews
  •  Know the site you are applying to - if they don't offer an experience you want, don't say you are looking to get that experience
  •  Ask questions!
    •  Ask site about research opportunities. Even though the focus is on clinical hours, ask if you are interested!
    •  Ask about the atmosphere of the site-
  •  Ask how people get along
  •  Ask about hours (when days start, how many hours interns typically work in a week, etc.) 
  • Don't talk bad about other sites – Many internship directors know each other, and regardless, this just makes you look bad

Ranking Sites:

  • Rank your sites based on your true preference, don't try to game the system
  •  Trust the system - there is no game to it and it will work out!

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