September 15, 2013

Internship Phase II Advice

Hi everyone,

One of the fellow SSCP Student listserv members generously wrote up the below advice on the Phase II Internship Process. The information below can also be downloaded as a document here



-  Consider updating your CV and essays. It’s likely been a few months since you uploaded your CV for Phase I, so if you have any updates that can be made, go ahead and make them and upload the latest version of your CV. Same with essays—if you want to clarify or modify your essays, do so before submitting Phase II applications.

- Consider updating your reference letters. APPIC will allow you to update your reference letters, so if you have a recommender who is willing to add to the letter or speak to your ability to work in a variety of clinical settings, that might be helpful.

- As with Phase I, make sure your cover letters are tailored to each individual site.

- As with Phase I, fit between you and the site matters (and ideally would contribute to your selection of sites). However, decide whether you’re open to completing an internship at a wider variety of sites than you may have previously considered. For example, if you only applied to University hospitals in Phase I, consider whether you’d be open to completing your internship at a VA.

- Many of the sites in Phase II have specific populations (i.e., specialized geriatric or child psychology tracks)—consider whether you’d be open to working with these populations, and how your training thus far has prepared you to work with them.

- The more sites and populations you are open to, the more applications you’ll submit in Phase II and as a result, the higher your chance (up to a point) of obtaining interviews.


- Almost all Phase II interviews are phone interviews, so practice answering and asking your
questions over the phone.

  •  Make sure that when you schedule your interviews, you are able to conduct them in a quiet place with minimal distraction and good reception (if using a cell phone).
  • Be mindful of phone etiquette (e.g., interrupting, tone); because you don’t have body language, much of the impression formed about you will depend on your phone etiquette.

- In addition to all the interview advice for Phase I, Phase II interviews may include some specific
questions that you should have well-rehearsed and articulated:

  •  “Why do you think you didn’t match in Phase I?”
  •  “Why didn’t you apply to our site in Phase I?”
  •  “How did you cope with/handle not matching in Phase I?”
  • “If you could do Phase I over again, what would you do differently?”

Additional Information
The following APPIC websites were very helpful in navigating the Phase II application process, and
answer most of the questions that come up:

- The APPIC Match: Phase II (

  •  Phase II "Getting Started" guide for internship applicants (
  •  Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions about Phase II for applicants (

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