October 28, 2013

A Free Q&A on Developing and Maintaining a Successful Private Practice: For Students, Interns & Postdocs

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Developing and Maintaining a Successful Private Practice:
A Free Q&A Session for Graduate Students, Interns, and Postdocs

Monday November 4, 2013   7:30 PM- 9:00 PM Eastern time

Presented by The Practice Institute
Steve Walfish, Ph.D. and Jeff Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Many in graduate training would like to pursue a career path which includes having their own private practice. However, while graduate training focuses on the development of assessment and clinical intervention skills, little focus is placed on how to actually develop a successful private practice. This is where the Practice Institute excels.

The Practice Institute is offering a forum where students and postdocs can bring any questions or concerns they may have about developing a private practice. No question is too small; no question is too large. Ask us about marketing, factors to consider when joining a group practice, how to look for office space and how to evaluate a lease arrangement, how to determine what to charge, whether or not to take insurance or participate in manged care plans.
Come join us in this free conference call where we will have some fun, address your concerns, and increase your hope and optimism for having your own practice.
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While you are on the calendar also check out our interview with authors and experts. These is no charge to participate in these interactive conference calls.
If you have any questions write to stevewalfishphd@thepracticeinstitute.com

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