March 10, 2014

Job Opportunity at University of California, San Diego: Research Coordinator

Research Coordinator position at UC San Diego / Child & Adolescent Services Research Center (CASRC)
---------------------------------------Gregory Aarons, Ph.D. of the University of California San Diego, Department of Psychiatry and CASRC is currently seeking a Research Coordinator for his research lab focused on implementation of evidence-based practice. The implementation of evidence-based practice into real-world human service settings is an important priority for improving the quality of services and outcomes for families. However, little is known about what factors facilitate or impede implementation, and how implementation of an evidence-based practice affects organizations and staff. Our lab investigates what it takes to effectively implement clinical practices in community-based settings. We focus on organization and policy factors that affect whether clinical interventions are used effectively with clients and patients. Our studies aim to identify and support the organizational factors that improve evidence-based practice implementation, including organizational culture, organizational climate, and leadership. The research also focuses on adaptation of evidence-based practice for health, mental health, and social service settings. Data is collected from mental health and social service agencies in the states of Oklahoma and California. Study participants include administrators, supervisors, service providers, and their clients.
The Incumbent will function as the Research Program Coordinator and Supervisor for Dr. Gregory Aarons’ lab in the Child & Adolescent Services Research Center (CASRC) in the Department of Psychiatry. The main duties and responsibilities will include: coordinating and managing a complex, multi-site research team focusing on evidence-based practice implementation in mental health and social service sectors; hiring, training, and supervising research assistants; involvement in budgeting and managing accounting balances; assisting with granting agency reporting requirements; ensuring compliance with IRB requirements by writing, revising, and renewing protocols as necessary; and coordinating data collection and management. The incumbent will also oversee two currently funded R01 grants involving participants from two states and 87 counties, including being responsible for seeing that research staff conducts all necessary grant related duties, continual contact and communication with study participants, coordination of work with co-investigators from six other academic institutions, data collection, data quality assurance, and coordination and tracking of all grant related products including progress reports, stakeholder feedback, professional publications, and new grant applications. Perform other duties and responsibilities as needed.
The ideal candidate will have:
1)    a background in research methods, protocol design, and implementation in the field of Psychology, as typically acquired by a Master’s degree in Psychology, Public Health, or a related field
2)    knowledge of public sector mental health and social service organizations
3)    demonstrated experience managing a complex, multi-site, research team
4)    exceptional organization and communication skills
5)    the ability to manage and organize large, long-term projects and agendas while simultaneously handling day to day detail-oriented tasks
6)    excellent problem solving skills evident in both the ability to anticipate and prevent problems, as well as quickly and independently manage and solve problems once they arise.

The position is full-time, starting salary ranging from $3,509 - $4,889 per month.  Full benefits available.  Preferred start date is June 2, 2014 and a minimum two-year commitment is required.

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to and apply using the following link:  (Online application will be available until 3/20/14)

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