April 22, 2014

Child Clinical Research Assistant Position - Brown Medical School

Child Clinical Research Position:
Child Stress Laboratory,    Brown Medical School 

Full-time, salaried position. B.A./B.S. Required.

*Great opportunity to work with children/adolescents
*Be part of cutting-edge biobehavioral and fMRI research 
*Work alongside expert faculty and staff
*Build your resume for graduate/medical school

Full-time research assistant (RA) position involving two studies: Study 1: neuroendocrine and neural response to social interactions in adolescents, and Study 2: maternal behaviors during pregnancy and fetal/infant behavior and stress response. Ideal for someone interested in intersection of behavior and biology. Responsibilities include participant recruitment, assessing eligibility criteria, coordinating and running laboratory sessions with adolescents including physiological assessments, and assisting with psychological assessment. Study 2 involves delivery room research including collecting biological specimens (placentas, cord blood).

Research experience, experience with children/adolescents, and experience handling biological specimens preferred. Flexibility with evening and weekend hours required. 

Opportunities to conduct independent research, submit presentations to conferences, prepare papers for publication.  Principal Investigator, Laura Stroud, Ph.D.
Please contact Christina D’Angelo, Study Coordinator

telephone: 401-793-8048

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