May 15, 2014

Baltimore area job opening--CBT for Insomnia

Classifieds: Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates of Baltimore
Type of Opportunity: Behavioral Sleep Medicine Specialist/Sleep Psychologist
Sponsor: Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates of Baltimore
Location: Baltimore, MD and Surrounding Areas
The Sleep Services Division of the Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates of Baltimore (PCCAB) is seeking a behavioral sleep medicine (BSM) specialist/sleep psychologist. PCCAB is a well-established pulmonary and sleep medicine group consisting of 45 pulmonologists of which 10 are sleep physicians Board Certified in Sleep Disorders. The sleep physicians work out of 11 locations in the greater Baltimore area. The BSM services are fully integrated in the group. This is a clinical staff position, full-time and salaried with benefits.
Duties & responsibilities:
Primary duties include conducting cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) to a diverse patient population often with comorbid medical and psychological conditions; most patients are referred from physicians within PCCAB. Other duties include providing supportive psychotherapy as needed, as well as additional behavioral sleep medicine assessments and treatments for other sleep disorders, including circadian rhythm disorders and hypersomnia. Opportunity to develop a larger BSM program which could include actigraphy testing, providing training and supervision in CBT-I, presenting on BSM, and marketing BSM services.
Skills & experience:
Required: doctoral degree in psychology from an accredited program and experience in behavioral sleep medicine. Preferred: board-certified in BSM, or eligible to become board-certified in BSM.
Robyn Hill
Director, Human Resources
400 Redland Court, Suite 208
Owings Mills, MD 21117

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