May 1, 2014

Job Mentorship Opportunity - Connect With Psychological Scientists Working In Diverse Roles

The Society for the Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP) and the Association for Psychological Science (APS) have developed a new program to support job mentorship for our graduate students, post-doctoral and early career members.  This program is designed to connect students looking for a range of employment opportunities with psychological scientists working in a variety of jobs and settings. We have developed a searchable database for students and early career psychologists to put them in contact with psychological scientists working in diverse roles to learn directly how they attained their jobs and what the jobs involve.

Students can search the directory to learn about particular jobs, settings, employment activities of interest, and then contact those scientists who have jobsthat they would like to learn more about. 

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Bethany Teachman ( for general program and mentor-related questions, and Yvonne Asher ( for student/mentee-related questions.

Committee Members:
SSCP: Bethany Teachman, Sara Stasik, Becca Brock
APS: Sara Hitzig, Yvonne Asher, Tatyana Kholodkov

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