June 18, 2014

Job Opportunity in NYC for Graduate Student or Postdoctoral Fellow

Exciting opportunity for a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow trained in fMRI and interested in psychiatric research. Would report directly to PIs including Drs. Vilma Gabbay (Mount Sinai School of Medicine), Emily Stern (Mount Sinai School of Medicine), and Michael Milham (Child Mind Institute). Responsibilities include collecting, analyzing, and interpreting fMRI data along with preparing manuscripts. This position provides excellent opportunities for first author publications and support in obtaining their own grant funding. Applicants should have a PhD in neuroscience, psychology, radiology, or other relevant discipline. Applicants should also be familiar with neuroimaging analysis packages (e.g., SPM, AFNI, FSL) as well as proficient in statistical analysis software (e.g., SPSS, SAS).

To apply, please send cover letter and CV to vilma.gabbay@mssm.edu

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