July 6, 2014

Denver Health Medical Center Internship in Clinical Psychology

Site: Denver Health Medical Center Internship in Clinical Psychology
Accreditation: YES (APA)
APPIC Member: YES 

APPIC Directory Listing: Member #1173
Website: http://denverhealth.org/ForProfessionals/ClinicalSpecialties/MentalHealth/PsychologyInternship.aspx
TD Name and Contact Info: Dr. Chris Sheldon (303) 602-4834 Chris.Sheldon@dhha.org
Submit applications to: Laura.Ohrt@dhha.org 303-602-4829. Please cc: Chris.Sheldon@dhha.org
Date/Time Added:
We are pleased to offer TWO additional intern training slots for the 2014-2015 training year due to receipt of a HRSA GPE training grant. These positions will emphasize assessment, intervention and consultation in integrated primary care settings with vulnerable and underserved age groups.  One position will focus on adults and seniors with rotations in high risk primary care and in geriatric primary care.  The other will focus on children and adolescents with rotations in pediatric primary care and in high risk pediatric primary care. 
Applicants from APA accredited clinical or counseling psychology doctoral programs with a minimum of 750 face to face clinical hours, and with previous experience working in medical/integrated settings with adults and/or children and families (depending upon track) are encouraged to apply. See our website for additional information about our internship training program.  Note, stipend support and benefits for these positions are limited by HRSA grant policies and may be different than those reflected on our website.
Interest candidates MUST submit: (1) A cover letter with a statement of interest in this internship; and (2) a current CV.
Applicants are encouraged to submit (3) A copy of the APPI or tables corresponding to the APPI Summary of Practicum Experience; Intervention Experience; and Psychological Assessment Experience; (4) 2 letters of recommendation (note, we will accept letters that were originally written for other locations if this facilitates timely submission of application, as long as the letters speak to the qualifications needed to succeed in our training environment); and (5) If APPIC application not included, a letter from the DCT including academic standing and a summary of applicant strengths, weaknesses, and readiness for internship. Applications will be reviewed as received and must be received by July 10th, 2014. Interview arrangements TBD. Start date for the internship is August 18th, 2014.

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