August 19, 2014

Mental health disroders in children of non-drug abusing parents

The Article Can Be Found Here
This paper focused on middle elementary aged children and preschoolers from homes where the
parents don't use methamphetamines, but the community is dominated by meth use. Overall the
children from non-producing homes had increased rates of both internalizing and externalizing disorders
as compared to the general population.

Ideas for discussion questions:

1. The authors argue that declining meth use will have a significant positive effect on general mental
health in this area. Do you agree? Would the results be different if they compared to a similar
population with rampant opioid/hydrocodone (also known as "Hillbilly Heroin") use as opposed to
methamphetamine use?

2. Any thoughts on the influence of rurality, stigma, or Appalachia? Is low SES sufficient for explaining
the difference?

3. I would have appreciated seeing more on the specifics of the externalizing behaviors particularly
considering rule outs for the internalizing behaviors, such as the overlap of childhood anxiety and
attention concerns. Further thoughts?

4. Finally how can we as clinicians reach out to these types of families or in similarly complicated
situations beyond actually being in the pediatrician's or GP's office.

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