September 9, 2014

Research Coordinator Position at the University of Washington

An experienced, independent, and organized individual is sought for a full-time Research Study Coordinator position in the Stress and Development Laboratory at the University of Washington Psychology Department, run by Katie McLaughlin, PhD.  The individual in this position will coordinate a longitudinal study examining the impact of trauma exposure on emotional development in children and adolescents, including the development of brain regions involved in emotion regulation.  Responsibilities include recruiting children, adolescents, and parents from community sources; running participants through study sessions, including psychophysiology and MRI assessments; conducting clinical interviews and neuropsychological tests; supervising and monitoring undergraduate research assistants; and coordinating the management of study data. This position would be an excellent fit for applicants interested in obtaining doctoral training in clinical or developmental psychology or developmental cognitive neuroscience.

Specific duties include:
·      Assistance in the development of recruitment methods; recruitment and screening of potential participants to determine eligibility.  
·      Development and implementation of standardized protocols for collecting and scoring
behavioral, psychophysiology, MRI, and fMRI data.
·      Data collection and data quality control to ensure fidelity to study protocol
·      Tracking study participants
·       Recruitment, training and supervision of volunteer undergraduate and post-
baccalaureate research assistants.
·      Administration of neuropsychological tests and clinical interview
·      Assistance in the preparation of IRB applications, consent forms and progress reports
for institutional review board.

Previous research or clinical experience with children and the ability to work in command line environments such as the Linux operating system is preferred.  

The start date is flexible for October or November 2014.  Please email a CV and cover letter to Katie McLaughlin

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