October 22, 2014

APA Accredited Postdoctoral Fellowhip in Clinical Child Psychology - University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry

APA Accredited Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical Child Psychology
The University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry and Postdoctoral Training Network is accepting applications for a two-year APA-accredited postdoctoral fellowship in Clinical Child Psychology. The program provides a core curriculum, evidence-based clinical training, and focused research mentorship. We seek applicants who are highly motivated to develop their own program of research and prepare for a career as a scientist-practitioner. Opportunities are available to pursue developmental psychopathology and innovative intervention research in the following areas: military families; youth suicide risk; women’s, infants’ and early childhood mental health; and eating disorders. Clinical training occurs in a variety of child psychiatry outpatient clinics and in a primary care setting with an underserved population. 

Applicants must have a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from an APA or CPA accredited program by August 2015. The start date of the fellowship is September 1, 2015. The stipend is currently $45,913 for 1st year fellows and $48,395 for 2nd year fellows. Benefits include vacation, sick and professional development time, and health care coverage. We especially encourage applications from members of underrepresented groups. The University of Michigan is a non-discriminatory/affirmative action employer. Deadline for applications is December 15, 2014. For further information, contact: Polly Gipson, Ph.D., Director, Child and Adolescent Psychology Training Program, pollyg@med.umich.edu and/or visit our Clinical Child Psychology Web Page at http://www.psych.med.umich.edu/education/psychology/clinical-child/

Application Process
Electronic submission is preferred

1) Completed application form that is attached and can also be downloaded at http://www.psych.med.umich.edu/education/psychology/how-to-apply/
2) A copy of your Curriculum Vitae;
3) Three letters of recommendation, including one from your Graduate Program's Director of Clinical Training (to attest to your readiness for graduation), one from a primary clinical supervisor, and one from someone who can address your preparation for advanced      training in clinical child psychology;
4) A graduate school transcript (unofficial is acceptable at this point);
5) A detailed cover letter, in which you describe your background in Clinical Psychology, including the approximate number of practicum/internship assessment and intervention hours you have or will have completed by the start of the fellowship and a description of these activities. Also describe your research interests and training. Indicate what you would hope to gain from this fellowship and how that relates to your future career goals. 

                Submit via email to:
                c/o Pam LaForest - pamelala@med.umich.edu
Henry A. Buchtel, Ph.D., Network Director
UM-VA Psychology Postdoctoral Training Network

Submit via mail to:
Henry A. Buchtel, Ph.D., Network Director
c/o Pam LaForest
UM-VA Psychology Postdoctoral Training Network
2101 Commonwealth Blvd., Ste. C.
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105

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