February 26, 2015

2 Year Post Doctoral Research Fellowship at the Center for Intervention Science at Drexel University

Integration of Mental Health into Primary Care
A 2 Year Post Doctoral Research Fellowship
Health Care Reform has ushered in a renewed interest in integrating mental health services into primary care.  Pending funding, this project will focus on the organizational, educational, and clinical barriers and solutions when introducing web based suicide and mental health screening into urban and suburban primary care offices. The project will focus on pediatric and adult’s medial settings as well as emergency rooms. The research fellow will be working the city and state medical and behavioral health systems, training medial staff about mental health assessment, setting up screening tools that integrate into work flow, and building better coordination between the medical and behavioral health systems of care.  The fellow will develop project procedures, work with the IRB, set up and monitoring screening, help track high risk patients to increase the likely hood that appropriate services are obtained. They will also develop and monitor data management and analysis. The ideal candidate will have excellent interpersonal skills and experience working with multiple system of care, have back ground and experience in working with low income minority populations, have excellent writing skills and have academic ambitions, particularly in developing family centered models of care. Assisting and leading manuscript and grant develop will be required. Clinical training and hours are available as well for licensure. The study will take place at the Center for Family Intervention Science at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Applicant could be from Psychology, Public health or a related field. 

Send a vita, letter of interest, writing samples, and list of possible references to Guy Diamond, Ph.D. guy.diamond@drexel.edu

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