February 1, 2015

Full-time RA position at the Univ. of Virginia

Dr. Erin Berenz, Assistant Professor in the Division of Developmental Pediatrics in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Virginia is seeking a full time Clinical Trials Administrative Specialist to work on a NIH funded investigation of trauma exposure, post-traumatic stress disorder and alcohol use in young adults. The incumbent will be responsible for recruiting research participants, telephone screening and scheduling participants for the study, conducting study sessions (self-report, behavioral assessment, and DNA collection), managing a study database, and coordination with other members of the research team.

Required qualifications: The successful candidate must be dependable, independent, highly professional and inter-personally skilled. They must also have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or a related field. 

Preferred qualifications: The ideal candidate will have an interest in pursuing a graduate degree in Psychology, hands on experience with human subjects research, behavioral research design, and a familiarity with data management in SPSS.

This position is restricted and contingent upon the continuation of funding.

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