June 15, 2015

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Mood Disorders Research

ostdoctoral Fellowship in Mood Disorders Research at Temple University

POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW position is available in the Mood and Cognition Laboratory in the Department of Psychology at Temple University under the direction of Lauren B. Alloy, Ph.D., pending funding. The fellowship will involve working on three funded NIMH R01 prospective, longitudinal projects on first onset and course of bipolar spectrum disorders in adolescents/emerging adults, and first onset of depression and emergence of gender differences in depression in adolescents, respectively. The two bipolar projects involve an integration of reward hypersensitivity and social and circadian rhythm dysregulation perspectives and include diagnostic, life stress, behavioral and neuroimaging data, as well as EMA methods and dim light melatonin onset procedures. The adolescent depression project involves an integration of cognitive vulnerability – stress models of depression with psychoneuroimmunology and includes diagnostic, behavioral, cognitive, executive functioning, life stress and stress challenge task, childhood adversity, cortisol, and cytokine data. 

Candidates should have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology or a related field as well as experience with mood disorders research and working with adolescents.  Experience in any of the following areas: conducting structured diagnostic (e.g., K-SADS, SADS-L, SCID) and/or life stress interviews, neuroimaging (fMRI/DTI), psychoneuroimmunology, reward processing, circadian and social rhythms, and/or developmental psychopathology would be particularly relevant. Knowledge and experience with advanced statistical techniques, such as MLM, SEM, growth curve modeling, survival analysis, etc. and database management software is also desirable. Duties will include sharing participation in laboratory administration, collaboration in setting, training, and oversight of project staff activities, training new interviewers on diagnostic assessments and providing feedback to interviewers, data management, analysis, and manuscript preparation. Publication opportunities and collaborative research opportunities are very plentiful and encouraged. The fellow will also have opportunities to provide mentorship and collaborate with doctoral students and to supervise post-BA and undergraduate research projects. The postdoctoral fellowship may be renewable for up to several additional years based on job performance and funding availability, by mutual agreement.  The position is available immediately although the specific start date is negotiable. To apply for this position, please send a curriculum vita, cover letter describing research interest and experience, and have three letters of recommendation sent via email to Dr. Lauren B. Alloy: lalloy@temple.edu.

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