October 23, 2015

Child/Pediatric Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowships

Clinical Child/Pediatric Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowships

Children’s Mercy Kansas City Division of Developmental and Behavioral Sciences
and the integrated Department of Pediatrics with the University of Kansas Medical Center

Children’s Mercy Kansas City invites applications for four postdoctoral fellowships for the 2016-2017 academic year. Children’s Mercy serves a diverse population of children, adolescents, and families from a four-state region and is nationally ranked among the best children’s hospitals in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. For more information regarding Children’s Mercy, please visit our website at http://www.childrensmercy.org.

The postdoctoral psychology fellowship program at Children’s Mercy provides advanced training in psychological assessment, treatment, and interdisciplinary collaboration in the context of a dedicated pediatric health care environment. In addition to clinical experiences, fellows participate in individual supervision, multi-disciplinary consultation, and didactic training, including case conferences, grand rounds, supervision seminars, and other educational programming. The program strives to facilitate a well-balanced set of clinical and professional skills to prepare fellows for successful careers as psychologists within academic medical centers, primary care clinics, private practice, and a variety of other clinical settings.

All applicants must have: 1) attended an APA-accredited doctoral graduate program in clinical or health psychology (pediatric behavioral medicine); 2) completed an APA/APPIC accredited internship; and 3) completed all requirements for his/her doctoral degree prior to beginning the fellowship. The position’s starting date is expected to begin in early August of 2016. Salary is competitive with full benefits provided (medical and dental, vacation, and standard holiday/sick leave).

The application deadline is December 11, 2015.

1.  Clinical Child/ Pediatric Psychology Fellowship (two positions available)

These one-year (12 month) postdoctoral fellowship focuses on clinical training with children and adolescents within a pediatric setting. The positions offer clinical opportunities in child clinical psychology (e.g. attention deficits, affective disorders, developmental disabilities, feeding issues, learning problems, behavioral and conduct issues) and/or pediatric psychology (e.g. consultation/liaison, pain management, weight management, organ failure and transplant, sleep issues, neurodevelopmental problems, and endocrine/diabetes. The fellows will participate in up to eight half day clinics consisting of a combination of psychological assessment, therapy, and/or consultation. The fellows will have the opportunity to develop a specialized training experience, which may include, although not be limited to, the following specialty clinics: ADHD, Autism and Special Needs, Behavioral Pediatrics, Trauma, and Eating Disorders. Other pediatric opportunities may include working with a subspecialty clinic, such as Endocrine/ Diabetes Clinic, Feeding Clinic, Gastroenterology Clinic, Hematology/Oncology Clinic, Pain Management Clinic, Sleep Clinic, and Weight Management Clinic. Additional specialty services may also include Consultation and Liaison Service, Cardiology Clinic, Nephrology Clinic, and Neuropsychology/ Rehabilitation Services. The ability to participate in various clinical experiences will be based on prior training and/or interests, while at the discretion of the supervising faculty.  In addition to clinical training, the fellow may have the opportunity to supervise an advanced level graduate practicum student and/or elect to structure time to meet specific research goals that are attainable during the fellowship year.

2.  Pediatric Psychology Fellowship - Emphasis working with Children with Gastrointestinal Conditions

This one-year (12 month) fellowship focuses on clinical training in pediatric gastrointestinal disorders, with special emphasis on two pediatric patient populations: 1) inflammatory bowel disease (IBD); and, 2) chronic functional abdominal pain (CAP). This fellowship position will include direct clinical care of children and adolescents within our innovative interdisciplinary programs for IBD and CAP, participation in ongoing research and quality improvement efforts within these programs, and relevant educational opportunities within the Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, & Nutrition in addition to shared educational experiences with other psychology fellows within the Division of Developmental & Behavioral Sciences. Clinical activities, provided on both the outpatient and inpatient basis, include targeted psychosocial screening for initiating/maintaining factors for GI symptoms, provision of routine psychoeducation and anticipatory guidance to families, brief cognitive-behavioral intervention with patients and parents, and motivational interventions, as well as care coordination and intervention with schools and other medical professionals. The fellow will be provided the opportunity to train in biofeedback during the fellowship year; work toward certification also may be available to those who qualify. Opportunities for shadowing in other integrated medical-psychological clinics housed within the Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, & Nutrition (e.g., Liver Care & Transplant, Feeding, Intestinal Rehabilitation, Constipation and Incontinence) may be available as part of the fellow’s personalized training plan. Research is a required component of this fellowship, with emphasis on training in clinical-translational research and quality improvement methodologies.  

3.  CMKC/KUMC Joint Research/Clinical Pediatric Fellowship (two year)

The integrated Department of Pediatrics at Children’s Mercy Kansas City and the University of Kansas Medical Center invites applications for a two-year postdoctoral pediatric psychology fellowship for the 2016-2018 academic years. The primary objective of the fellowship is to prepare the new doctoral level trainee for an academically oriented career in pediatric psychology. The fellowship focuses on clinical and research training in pediatric psychology with three primary pediatric populations: 1) endocrine/diabetes, 2) pain management, and 3) weight management. The fellowship provides clinical experiences across all three populations, but encourages applicants to specialize and obtain depth in one of these areas. Children’s Mercy will be the sponsoring institution with training opportunities in the Integrated Department of Pediatrics at Children’s Mercy Kansas City (CMKC) and the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) with approximately 50% of the training occurring at each location. Over the two years, 40% of the time will be spent in direct clinical care of children and adolescents in clinically related activities, 40% of the time will be spent in research related activities (e.g. recruitment and data collection, working with a multidisciplinary team, working directly with families, grant writing, manuscript preparation, and the remaining 20% of the time spent in educational time (e.g. didactics, professional developmental seminars, grand rounds), administrative time, and supervision.

To apply to any of these postdoctoral fellowships, please provide the following by December 11, 2015: 1) A letter of interest identifying the position(s) of interest, your qualifications, specific clinical interests, and goals for the postdoctoral training year (maximum two pages).  2) Curriculum vitae; 3) Clinical and/or research writing sample; and 4) Three letters of recommendation sent directly from your recommenders (at least two from supervisors familiar with your clinical work for the one-year positions).

All materials for these fellowship applications should be sent via e-mail or standard mail, attention to:

Tina McKown
Administrative Coordinator
Division of Developmental and Behavioral Sciences
Children's Mercy Kansas City

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