November 2, 2015

Postdoctoral Opportunity at Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Boston Univ

The Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation is inviting applications for a 2-year post-doctoral fellowship in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Research starting in April 2016. The fellowship training program is carried out with three fellows in residence. The fellowship is designed to provide a broad-based didactic and research practicum training in psychiatric vocational rehabilitation and employment research.  Fellows will have the opportunity to specialize in the following areas of employment-related research: 1) vocational recovery research; 2) interventional research; 3) vocational rehabilitation policy and systems research, and 4) transition-age youth and young adults¹ career development and employment success. The fellowship provides a $40,000 per year stipend paid in monthly increments and funds supporting practicum
research and travel for conference presentations.

All candidates must have a doctorate in fields relevant to the fellowship such as mental health, public health, rehabilitation sciences, special education, and occupational therapy. Applicants need to have at least basic research coursework and research experience and to strive to pursue mental
health research careers. Applicants need to submit the following documentation: 1) cover letter; 2) current CV; 3) two letters of recommendation; 4) transcript documenting award of Doctorate; 5) a 750-word statement of interest; and 6) writing sample or publication. Interested individuals should contact Dr. Zlatka Russinova at and obtain the Fellowship Application Form to be sent together with these documents by December 1, 2015. Prospective candidates will be invited for a phone or in-person interview. Decisions will be made promptly.

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