January 16, 2017

SSCP Poster Competition

SSCP students the call for abstracts for the 2017 Association for Psychological Science is open until January 31

APS will be held in Boston from May 25-28th and we would love to see you and your data there! SSCP mentors, please let your students know about the perks of SSCP student membership and this poster competition.

Multiple $200 and $100 awards will be given for the winners and distinguished contributions after posters are presented to SSCP member judges. If you would like to have your poster considered for the SSCP student poster session, select ‘SSCP Poster’ in the first step after you select poster and start new submission.

To be eligible to submit an SSCP poster, the first author of the poster must be a student and must be a member of SSCP at the time of submission. Submissions to the SSCP student poster session must be completed by January 31. You will also be asked to provide a copy of the final version of your poster by May 12, 2017 so judges will have an opportunity to review your work before the live session.

The SSCP poster submission can deal with any area within scientific clinical psychology (e.g., the etiology or correlates of psychopathology, assessment/diagnosis, clinical judgment, psychiatric classification, psychotherapy process or outcome, prevention, psychopharmacology). The research and analyses presented in the poster submission must be completed (i.e., submissions containing such language as “Data will be collected….” will not be considered). Please be sure to provide enough relevant detail in the summary so that reviewers can adequately judge the originality of the study, the soundness of the theoretical rationale and design, the quality of the analyses, the appropriateness of the conclusions, and so on. Complete submissions include a brief 50 word abstract and up to a 500 word summary of the work.

If you have any questions please contact Thomas Olino at thomas.olino@temple.edu. Please put “SSCPPoster” in the Subject line to ensure your question is answered promptly.

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