September 20, 2009

Dissertation Award Winners (1996-2009)


Dissertation grant awards were made to the following individuals in the fall of 2009.
bulletKatherina Hauner
bulletNorthwestern University
bulletAdvisor: Susan Mineka
bulletTitle: Functional neuroanatomical substrates of fear extinction during exposure therapy..
bulletDavid Johnson
bulletUniversity of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
bulletAdvisor: David Penn
bulletTitle: A preliminary investigation into the feasibility and clinical benefits of loving-kindness meditation to enhance the psychological recovery of individuals with persistent negative symptoms .
bulletEunyoe Ro
bulletUniversity of Iowa
bulletAdvisor: Lee Anna Clark
bulletTitle: Examining Relations Between Psychosocial Functioning and Personality Pathology.
bulletKeiran M. Rump
bulletUniversity of Pittsburgh
bulletAdvisor: Mark S. Strauss
bulletTitle: Affective Experiences in Adolescents with Autism: An EMA Study.
bulletAmanda Steiner
bulletUniversity of Virginia
bulletAdvisor: James Coan
bulletTitle: The Self- and Social- Regulation of Emotion in Older Adults.


Dissertation grant awards were made to the following individuals in the fall of 2008.
bulletCourtney Beard
bulletUniversity of Georgia
bulletAdvisor: Nader Amir
bulletTitle: Information Processing Modification in Social Anxiety: Combining Attention and Interpretation Training.
bulletFrank Farach
bulletAdvisor: Teresa Treat
bulletTitle: Effects of trait anxiety and induced mood on the temporal allocation of attention to emotional information.
bulletAshley Peitrefesa
bulletBinghamton University
bulletAdvisor: Meredith Coles
bulletTitle: Temporal Relations Between Daily Negative Life Events and Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms.
bulletSarah Tarbox
bulletUniversity of Pittsburgh
bulletAdvisor: Michael Pogue-Geile
bulletTitle: Social Functioning and Familial Liability to Schizophrenia.
bulletUrsula Whiteside
bulletUniversity of Washington
bulletAdvisor: Mary Larimer
bulletTitle: Beyond BASICS: Enhancing Interventions for College Students Drinking to Cope.


Dissertation grant awards were made to the following individuals in the fall of 2006.
bulletMarcel Bonn-Miller
bulletUniversity of Vermont
bulletAdvisor: Michael Zvolensky, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: Frequency of Marijuana Use and Anxious and Fearful Responding to Bodily Sensations: A Laboratory Test.
bulletJill M. Holm-Denoma
bulletFlorida State University
bulletAdvisor: Thomas Joiner, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: The Latent Structure of Restrictive Eating Behaviors: Taxometric Investigation and Construct Validation Using Genetic and Personality Indicators.
bulletBrant P. Hasler
bulletUniversity of Arizona
bulletAdvisor: Richard Bootzin, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: Diurnal rhythms in co-sleeping couples.
bulletValerie Grant
bulletDalhousie University
bulletAdvisor: Sherry Stewart, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: Emotional Antecedents of Alcohol Cognitions & Consumption in Drinkers with Coping-Anxiety, Coping-Depression, &/or Enhancement Motives.
bulletPeter D. Yeomans
bulletDrexel University
bulletAdvisor: James Herbert, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: The effect of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder psychoeducation on the nature and severity of traumatic stress symptoms in a Burundian sample.


Dissertation grant awards were made to the following individuals in the fall of 2005.
bulletLea R. Doughtery
bulletStony Brook University
bulletAdvisor: Daniel Klein, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: Temperamental Low Positive Emotionality and HPA Reactivity in Preschoolers.
bulletEva M. Epstein
bulletTemple University
bulletAdvisor: Denise Sloan, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: Emotional Reactivity in Eating Pathology.
bulletCoreen A. Farris
bulletIndiana University
bulletAdvisor: Richard Viken, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: Feature Integrality Between Diagnostic and Non-Diagnostic Cues of Women's Sexual Interest: Influence of Alcohol Intoxication and Sexual Coercion History.
bulletKelly O'Brien
bulletUniversity of Florida
bulletAdvisor: Sheila Eyberg, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: A Preliminary Examination of Coaching in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and Parenting Skill Acquisition.
bulletBrian Wymbs
bulletUniversity at Buffalo, SUNY
bulletAdvisor: William Pelham, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: Does Disruptive Child Behavior Cause Interparental Discord? An Experimental Manipulation.


Dissertation grant awards were made to the following individuals in the fall of 2004.
bulletStephanie Cassin
bulletUniversity of Calgary
bulletAdvisor: Kirstin von Ranson, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: The Effect of Brief Motivational Enhancement Intervention on Binge Eating.
bulletLindsay M. Collins
bulletUniversity of Maryland
bulletAdvisor: Jack J. Blanchard, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: Behavioral Indicators of Schizotypy in the Biological Parents of Social Anhedonics..
bulletSusan C. South
bulletUniversity of Virginia
bulletAdvisor: Eric Turkheimer, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: Personality Disorders and Marital Adjustment.


Dissertation grant awards were made to the following individuals in the fall of 2003.
bulletAnil Chacko
bulletUniversity at Buffalo, State University of New Yor
bulletAdvisor: William E. Pelham, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: The Treatment for Single-Mothers of Children Diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Comparison Between a Traditional and an Enhanced Behavioral Parenting Program.
bulletGail H. Chang
bulletTemple University
bulletAdvisor: Lauren B. Alloy, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: Lifestyle Regularity and Affective Symptomatology in Individuals Exhibiting Cyclothymic Symptoms.
bulletRebecca E. Ford
bulletDePaul University
bulletAdvisor: Kathryn Grant, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: Acculturation and Problem Behaviors of Latino Youth: A Development Perspective.
bulletAmy Przeworski
bulletPenn State University
bulletAdvisor: Michelle Newman, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: The Efficay of Internet-based Treatment for Children with Anxiety Disorders.
bulletJennifer A. Steinberg
bulletTemple University
bulletAdvisor: Lauren B. Alloy, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: Implicit and Explicit Self-Esteem Level and Rectivity as Predictors of Depression.


Dissertation grant awards were made to the following individuals in the fall of 2002.
bulletTodd Kashdan
bulletUniversity at Buffalo, State University of New Yor
bulletAdvisor: John E. Roberts, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: Excessive Social Anxiety Among Persons with Depressive Disorders: Perceived Therapeutic Relationships and Slf-Focused Attention as Determinants of Change in Group Treatment.
bulletShireen L. Rizvi
bulletUniversity of Washington
bulletAdvisor: Masha Linehan, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: Treatment of Shame in Borderline Personality Disorder.
bulletJasper Smits
bulletUniversity of Texas - Austin
bulletAdvisor: Michael J. Telch, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: Facilitating Public Speaking Fear Feduction by Increasing the Salience of Disconfirmation Evidence .
bulletJelena Spasojevic
bulletTemple University
bulletAdvisor: Lauren B. Alloy, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: Interpersonal Context of Depression: A Study of Individuals Involved in Newly Formed Romantic Relationships..
bulletMariann R. Weierich
bulletYale University
bulletAdvisor: Teresa A. Treat, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: Attentional Processing in Specific Phobia.


Dissertation grant awards were made to the following individuals in the fall of 2001.
bulletWinnie Eng
bulletTemple University
bulletAdvisor: Richard G. Heimberg, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: An Examination of the Interpersonal Problems Associated with Symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder.
bulletElizabeth H. Flanagan
bulletAuburn University
bulletAdvisor: Roger K. Blashfield, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: An Investigation of Clinician Taxonomies.
bulletLori Brotto Fontana
bulletThe University of British Columbia
bulletAdvisor: Boris Gorzalka, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: Examining the Clinical Untility of Laboratory-Based Measure of Sexual Arousal in Women with and without Arousal.
bulletErin L. Scott
bulletTemple University
bulletAdvisor: Richard G. Heimberg, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: Misimterpretation of Bodily Symptoms: Specificity of Responses in Individuals with Panic Attacks and Hypochondriacal Concerns.


Dissertation grant awards were made to the following individuals in the fall of 2000.
bulletMeredith E. Coles
bulletTemple University
bulletAdvisor: Richard G. Heimberg, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: "Implicit and Explicit Memory for Critical Faces in Individuals with Social Phobia".
bulletKatrina Keil
bulletUniversity of Arizona
bulletAdvisor: Alfred W. Kaszniak, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: "Examining Executive Function in Those With Brain Injury".
bulletMichael F. Lorber
bulletState University of New York at Stony Brook
bulletAdvisor: Susan G. O'Leary, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: "Cognitive and Emotional Mechanism of Harsh Parenting and Toddler".
bulletKaty L. Lynch
bulletUniversity of Montana
bulletAdvisor: Christine Fiore, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: "Children Exposed to Domestic Violence: Resiliency and the Mother-Child Relationship".
bulletJeneva L. Ohan
bulletUniversity of British Columbia
bulletAdvisor: Charlotte Johnston, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: "Aggression in Girls with and without ADHD".


Dissertation grant awards were made to the following individuals in the fall of 1998.
bulletGretchen Clum
bulletUniversity of Georgia
bulletTitle: .
bulletCarrie Bearden
bulletUniversity of Pennsylvania
bulletTitle: .
bulletAmy Gorin
bulletSUNY Stony Brook
bulletTitle: .
bulletCassandra L. Lehman
bulletBoston University
bulletTitle: .
bulletAmy Wenzel
bulletUniversity of Iowa
bulletTitle: .
bulletKelly Bickel
bulletOhio State University
bulletTitle: .


Dissertation grant awards were made to the following individuals in the fall of 1997.
bulletMaureen H. Carrigan
bulletMedical University of South Carolina
bulletAdvisor: Stephen A. Lisman, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: "Reactivity to Alcohol Cues: The Effect of Perceived Availability on Responding".
bulletTravis Paul McNeal
bulletUniversity of Mississippi
bulletAdvisor: Nathan C. Weed, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: "The Longitudinal Impact of Personality Assessment on Undestanding Clients During the Course of Psychotherapy".
bulletTeresa Ann Treat
bulletIndiana University
bulletAdvisor: Richard M. McFall, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: "The Structure adn Plasticity of Bulimics' Perceptual Organization of Body Size and Affect Information.
bulletKari A. Merrill
bulletIndiana University
bulletAdvisor: Richard J. Rose, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: "Effects of Anxiety and Anxiety Sensitivity on Alcohol Consumption in Females".
bulletCatherine Chaffee Pears
bulletUniversity of Oregon
bulletAdvisor: Beverly Fagot, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: "Perspective-Taking and Adjustment in Preschoolers".
bulletScott N. Compton
bulletUniversity of Nevada
bulletAdvisor: William C. Follette, Ph.D.
bulletTitle: "Interpersonal skills in depression: A topographical and funtional analysis".


Dissertation grant awards were made to the following individuals in the fall of 1996.
bulletMary Jo Coiro
bulletUniversity of Virginia
bulletTitle: "Maternal Depressive Symptoms as a Risk Factor for the Development of Children in Poverty".
bulletDenise M. Sloan
bulletCase Western Reserve University
bulletTitle: "Emotional Experience and Expression in Depression".
bulletJan Mohlman
bulletUniversity of Oregon
bulletTitle: "What kind of Attention is Necessary for Fear Reduction".
bulletGregory L. Stuart
bulletIndiana University
bulletTitle: "Impulsive as a Predictor of Marital Violence: Testing a Mediational Model".
bulletDavid J. Moser
bulletUniversity of Florida
bulletTitle: "Biobehavioral Sources of Variance in Presurgical Neuropsychological Performance Among Patients With Temporal Lobe Epilepsy".
bulletMark W. Miller
bulletThe Florida State University
bulletTitle: "Anxiety and Emotional Stroop Interference: A Startle-Probe Investigation of Affective and Attentional Mechanisms".

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