June 20, 2011

2011 Student Poster Award Winners

Student Poster Award Winners ($200 prize, APS membership)

A Meta-Analysis of Component Controlled Trials of CBT for Anxiety Disorders
Sacha Brown, Daniel F. Hill, Jonathon C. Gable, Liam P. Porter, W. Jake Jacobs - University of Arizona

Paradoxical Cardiovascular Effects of Adaptive Emotion Regulation Strategies in Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Amelia Aldao, Douglas S. Mennin - Yale University

Student Poster Award Winners - Distinguished Contribution ($100 prize, APS membership)

A Meta-Analytic Review of Mood-Congruent Implicit Memory in Depressed Mood
Melinda Gaddy, Rick E. Ingram - University of Kansas

Depressed and Anxious Persons Inhibit Positive Information:  Three Subliminal Perception Studies
E. Samuel Winer, Daniel Cervone - University of Illinois at Chicago

Emotional Go/No-Go Task Predicts Trait Aggression
Katherine G. Denny, Matthias Siemer - University of Miami

High Negative Affectivity and Attenuated Neuroendocrine Reactivity in Women with Borderline Personality
Lori N. Scott & Kenneth N. Levy - Pennsylvania State University, Douglas A. Granger, Johns Hopkins University

Is Reassurance Seeking Specific to Depression?
Nehjla Mashal, Lisa Wang, Richard E. Zinbarg - Northwestern University

Reciprocal Relationship Between Peer Relational Victimization and Depression in Early Adolescence
Elissa J. Hamlat, Angelo S. Boccia, Jonathan P. Stange, Lauren B. Alloy - Temple University

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