June 7, 2011

2011 Student Poster Awards Announced

We had a record-breaking number of SSCP student posters at the APS Convention.  Serving as judges for the competition were Marc Atkins, Lee Anna Clark, Bethany Teachman and Howard Garb.  There were two winners and six additional students were recognized for distinguished contributions. We had many other good posters, but because of the large number and overall high quality of posters submitted, they could not be recognized.

Here are the winning posters:

Student Poster Award Winners ($200 prize, APS membership)

A Meta-Analysis of Component Controlled Trials of CBT for Anxiety Disorders
Sacha Brown, Daniel F. Hill, Jonathon C. Gable, Liam P. Porter, W. Jake Jacobs - University of Arizona

Paradoxical Cardiovascular Effects of Adaptive Emotion Regulation Strategies in Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Amelia Aldao, Douglas S. Mennin - Yale University

Student Poster Award Winners - Distinguished Contribution ($100 prize, APS membership)

A Meta-Analytic Review of Mood-Congruent Implicit Memory in Depressed Mood
Melinda Gaddy, Rick E. Ingram - University of Kansas

Depressed and Anxious Persons Inhibit Positive Information:  Three Subliminal Perception Studies
E. Samuel Winer, Daniel Cervone - University of Illinois at Chicago

Emotional Go/No-Go Task Predicts Trait Aggression
Katherine G. Denny, Matthias Siemer - University of Miami

High Negative Affectivity and Attenuated Neuroendocrine Reactivity in Women with Borderline Personality
Lori N. Scott & Kenneth N. Levy - Pennsylvania State University, Douglas A. Granger, Johns Hopkins University

Is Reassurance Seeking Specific to Depression?
Nehjla Mashal, Lisa Wang, Richard E. Zinbarg - Northwestern University

Reciprocal Relationship Between Peer Relational Victimization and Depression in Early Adolescence
Elissa J. Hamlat, Angelo S. Boccia, Jonathan P. Stange, Lauren B. Alloy - Temple University

Varda Shoham
SSCP President

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