May 23, 2011

Clinical Science Newsletter, Vol 14(2)

Hello colleagues,
It is my honor and privilege to share with you the newest issue of Clinical Science: Volume 14, Issue 2 (Spring, 2011).
The current issue includes two feature-length articles on ESTs:
1)     Varda Shoham, SSCP President, wrote a column titled Treatment Fidelity: The Elusive Independent Variable of Empirically Supported Behavioral Treatments.
2)     Marv Goldfried, Division 12 President, contributed a feature-length article titled Closing the Gap between Research and Practice: Clinical Experiences in Using an EST to Treat Panic Disorder.
In addition, the following columns were submitted by SSCP Executive Board members:
1)     Rebecca Brock and Sara Stasik, your SSCP Student Representatives, provide an update on their many recent activities.
2)     And Bethany Teachman, one of SSCP’s At Large Board Members, announces the winners of the Clinical Scientist Training Initiative Award.
Last but not least, there are a number of SSCP-Sponsored events at the upcoming APS Convention, all of which are listed in this issue.

Editor, Clinical Science

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