March 28, 2011

APA Divs 12 & 29: Survey on Clinical Experiences in Treating GAD

The Society of Clinical Psychology (Division 12 of the American Psychological Association--APA) and Division 29 of the APA (Psychotherapy) would like to thank those therapists who have completed our surveys of their experiences in using empirically supported treatments (ESTs) as interventions for panic disorder and social anxiety. We are now conducting a survey of clinical experiences in using CBT to treat general anxiety disorder (GAD), and would very much appreciate your participation. The GAD survey is short—it should take 10 minutes, appears in a popular survey format, and can be found by clicking, using control+click, or copy and pasting the following:

 Much in the way that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides physicians with a method for giving feedback on their experiences in using empirically supported drugs in clinical practice, we have established a procedure for practicing therapists to disseminate their clinical experiences. This is not only an opportunity for clinicians to share their experiences with other therapists, but also can offer clinically based information that researchers may use to investigate ways of improving treatment.

Your responses, which will be anonymous, will be tallied with those of other therapists and posted on the Division 12 and 29 Web sites. By identifying the obstacles to successful treatment, we hope to establish a establish a two-way bridge between research and practice.

Thank you.

 Marvin R. Goldfried, PhD for Divisions 12 and 29 of the American Psychological Association

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