December 8, 2012

Fall/Winter 2011 Issue of Clinical Science Available

The current issue includes articles on several SSCP activities:
  1. SSCP President Varda Shoham’s column is on an excitinginitiative: The Delaware Project on Clinical Science Training. Sponsored by NIMH, NIDA, OBSSR, the Academy of Psychological Clinical Science (APCS), SAGE, and the host institution, the University of Delaware, the initiative “aims to redefine psychological clinical science training in ways that emphasize continuity across a spectrum of research activities concerned with (a) basic mechanisms of psychopathology and behavior change, (b) intervention generation and refinement, (c) intervention efficacy and effectiveness, and (d) implementation and dissemination.” See inside for more information.
  2. SSCP Division 12 Representative David Tolin has written a great column on some of the more pressing issues concerning SSCP’s relationship with Div. 12 titled “Three Years on the Tightrope: Musings of an SSCP-Division 12 Liaison.”
  3. Additionally, there are updates on a series of SSCP activities of critical importance to clinical scientists, including:
    • Update on the APA Clinical Treatment Guidelines Advisory Steering Committee
    • Introducing the new Job Mentorship Program SSCP is developing in collaboration with APS
    • An update on Division 12 activities
    • Information on an internship survey to be completed by students, interns, post-docs, and faculty.

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