July 8, 2013

Call for Nominations for Student Representative to SSCP Board

The Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP) invites nominations for the Student Representative position on the SSCP Executive Board. A description of the duties of the position are listed below. The term of office will begin January 1, 2014. Please see our website for a list of current and past Board members.

Each Student Representative serves a 2-year term.

Each candidate will be asked to submit a brief (~100-200 words) statement about their qualifications and their interest in running for a position on the SSCP Board. We will provide these statements to members with the election ballot.

NOTE: All SSCP members are invited to submit nominations for any position, but only student members are eligible to vote for Student Representatives.

Submit nominations, including self-nominations, to Richard G. Heimberg (heimberg@temple.edu) by August 31, 2013, with "SSCP Nominations" in the Subject Line. 

Nomination committee members:

  • Richard G. Heimberg, Past President (Chair) 
  • Michelle Craske, President 
  • Lauren Alloy, Member-at-Large 
  • Victoria Smith, Student Representative 

Annual Duties for SSCP Board Members: Student Representative 

  • Participate in monthly SSCP Executive Board telephone meetings 
  • Represent the opinions and interests of SSCP student members to the Executive Board 
  • Advertise SSCP to potential student members 
  • Report on student issues and initiatives at annual SSCP members meeting 
  • Report on student issues and initiatives in the SSCP Newsletter, Clinical Science 
  • Oversee the SSCP Student Website, listserv, and social media pages.

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