November 6, 2013

Get free Behavioral Activation Training by Participating in our Research

Are you interested in receiving a free online training for Behavioral Activation, which is an evidence-based treatment for depression? 

If you are a graduate-level student and interested in participating, here are several study procedures that you will go through if you participate in the study:

  • Please review the inclusion criteria below before you complete the consent form. Interested participants must meet ALL of the inclusion criteria. More information on completing the consent form is provided below.
The inclusion criteria are:
1)      Supervised by a licensed individual
2)      Currently a graduate-level student in the following programs: Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Social Work, Nursing, and Psychiatry Residency.
3)      actively seeing depressed outpatient clients as a trainee during the study period
4)      Able to comply with study procedures (i.e., computer with high speed internet access).

  • Once you complete the consent form, you will be randomly assigned to one of the two training formats:
1)      A live online BA training. In this training format you and a small group of colleagues will meet weekly for four online sessions with a BA trainer.
2)      A self-paced online BA training. In this training format, you will receive access to four audio-guided online presentations by a BA trainer that are matched in content to the live online training. You will have 1-week access to complete each self-paced training session.

In both trainings you will learn how to conduct the fundamentals of BA, a simple, empirically validated tool for working with depressed clients. The trainings will focus on improving your skills, not just knowledge, to implement several core BA strategies.

Note: Participants are highly encouraged to discuss their participation in the study with their clinical supervisors. Participants should inform the supervisors that they may implement BA skills with their clients.

  • Role Play Assessment. Within two weeks before, two weeks after, and three months after the training, you will be asked to complete a role play assessment over the phone where you will interact with a hypothetical depressed client and will be prompted to implement several BA core skills. The role play assessment will take no more than 1 hour to complete. The purpose of this assessment is to measure the impact of the online BA training on trainees’ BA skills.
  • Online Questionnaires. You will be asked to complete several online questionnaires throughout the study:
1)      A demographic questionnaire in the beginning of the study
2)      A BA Knowledge Assessment at pre- and post- training
3)      A questionnaire to assess attitude toward Evidence-Based Practice at pre- and post- training
4)      Weekly Feedback Questionnaires before and at the end of each training session.
5)      A Post Training Session Questionnaire at the end of each training session.

You will most likely spend less than 15 minutes a week to complete these questionnaires.

You will receive either the self-paced or live online BA training for free.

Training Schedule
The online self-paced and live BA training will occur in February, 2014. However, specific training times are to be determined and will be available in December, 2013.

We will offer four options of training time for the live BA training. You will be asked to rank the training time that will work with your schedule and we will try to accommodate your preference as best as we can.

Technical Requirements:
·         Live online training: You will need a phone and a computer with high speed internet access.
·         Self-Paced online training: You will need a computer with a speaker.

If you are interested to participate in the study, please click on this link below to complete the consent process. Please review the study procedure carefully before you provide your consent.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the study protocol or the consent form in detail before you provide your consent, please email the study coordinator, Ajeng Puspitasari, M.S., at Please provide your phone number and the best time to reach you.

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