November 8, 2013

Hospital Opportunity in Brooklyn, NY for Student/ECP to assist with Quality Assurance/ Performance Improvement

Unique volunteer opportunity for a student or early career psychologist to get involved with a hospital-based Quality Assurance Team. We are looking for someone 1 or 2 days a week, at a Brooklyn Hospital, and the person would report directly to me. The hours and the days are pretty flexible. We are looking for a minimum of a 6 month commitment. 

The Quality Assurance Team oversees the outpatient behavioral health department's quality goals and performance improvement projects, such as tracking and improving patient outcomes, ensuring compliance with OMH/Medicaid standards of care, and implementing new processes to improve care and provider behavior.

The primary responsibilities include: working with the team to track current improvement projects, collecting data, data entry, performing clinical reviews and audits. Reporting on findings and developing strategies to improve gaps in care. There may be opportunities to help develop an improvement project related to patient care.

To be clear, the position does not entail seeing patients or providing therapy, but is focused on QI/PI tasks to help the behavioral health department meet and improve quality of care. It is a unique opportunity that is typically performed by those with a Master's in Public Health or Public Health Administration, however, the department is open to having a psychologist get experience in this role. I do think some of the tasks are more mundane than others, but all the tasks are really essential to helping the department function well and improve the treatment that patients get. I also think it's a nice opportunity to get some varied skills, which would be important in the future health care system as it will be very focused on measuring and reporting outcomes, and providing accountable care. You will also learn about OMH and federal standards, use of EMR, how to do PDSA cycles, etc.. 

If interested or have questions, backchannel me at

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