February 11, 2014

SSCP Student Listerv Facilitator Position

Hi everyone,
We have an opening for a new listserv faciltator and are taking self-nominations at this time. This is a wonderful way to get more involved with SSCP and your fellow graduate students!  As the last listserv facilitator, I am happy to answer any questions you have about the position!

In general, the duties of the listserv facilitator are to ensure that the listserv stays active and meets student needs by (a) posting discussion questions, (b) organizing guest appearances by faculty members, other psychologists, and graduate students to address various topics, (c) monitoring professional organizations (ABCT, APAGS, APS) and disseminating pertinent information to the wider student membership, and (d) maintaining the SSCP Student website: http://sscpstudent.blogspot.com/

The ideal candidate would meet the following criteria:

a.       Student is involved in a number of professional organizations, to facilitate their access to pertinent information to post.
b.      Student is advanced in their program and has had experience with relevant student issues (e.g., comprehensive exams, internship, etc.), so that they may be better able to initiate and moderate discussions on such topics.
c.       Student is able or willing to take a stand on issues and share opinions, so as to facilitate discussions.
d.      Student is involved with, committed to, and passionate about the science of clinical psychology.
e.       Student has held previous position(s) of advocacy for students, so as to demonstrate that they have thought through student issues and have had experience representing student interests.

**Please note that these are only guidelines and we encourage people to volunteer even if they do not think they necessarily meet all of the guidelines**
The student will also work closely with the SSCP student board, including the student represenatives and communication managers. We are also very open to any ideas that you may have to continue helping the listserv grow as a helpful resource for students.

If you would like more information, please contact the student representatives, Victoria Smith (vsmith@umd.edu), and Rosanna Breaux (rbreaux@psych.umass.edu). If you are interested in this position, please send us your CV and a brief email explaining why you are interested and why you think you are a good candidate.


Victoria, and Rosanna
SSCP Student Representatives

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