March 6, 2014

Journal Club Interest Survey

We are looking into starting up our Journal Club again.  For those of you who are not aware, the purpose of the SSCP Student Journal Club is to provide scholarly summaries and discussion on recently published articles of interest to student members. In the past we have chosen a relevant topic for the articles to be related to, though this is not necessary.  For example, this past Fall the articles were all on Emotion Regulation.

Students can be a member of the Student Journal Club and (a) choose to present/co-present an article/lead the discussion of an article, or (b) just read and partake in discussion of articles.  
If you could please fill out this short survey to help us gauge interest and figure out how to improve the Journal Club to make it as useful to members as possible, it would be greatly appreciated!  Questions include if you are interested in participating, how frequently you would like articles to be presented, when you would like the journal club to take place, suggestions for topics, and suggestions for how to better facilitate discussion.


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