March 24, 2014

Research Assistant/Lab Manager in Clinical Neuroscience Lab at Emory University

Research Assistant/Lab Manager in Clinical Neuroscience Lab 

A research assistant/lab manager position will be available starting late 
summer/early Fall 2014 in the Translational Research in Affective Disorders 
Laboratory (TReADLab) in the Department of Psychology at Emory University. 
Research in the lab focuses on understanding the biological underpinnings of 
psychiatric symptoms related to reward processing, such as anhedonia, stress 
sensitivity and altered cost/benefit decision-making. We take a translational 
approach to these questions, drawing from the fields of behavioral neuroscience 
and reinforcement learning to test theories about the molecular and circuit-level 
mechanisms that give rise to these symptoms. Primary methods include 
multimodal neuroimaging techniques (fMRI, MRS, and PET), behavioral 
paradigms, computational modeling, and clinical/personality assessment. 

Responsibilities: Responsibilities include assisting with all aspects of research 
(designing/programming experiments, recruiting/running participants, analyzing 
behavioral and neuroimaging data), grant and IRB administration and overseeing 
day-to-day lab operations. This is an excellent position for anyone seeking 
research experience and training in clinical and cognitive neuroscience before 
applying to graduate programs. 

Necessary skills/qualifications: A bachelor's degree or higher in cognitive 
science, neuroscience, computer science, psychology, math, biology, or other 
related field. Strong computer programming skills (especially MATLAB and/or 
Python) are required. Should be self-motivated, independent, and reliable. Strong 
organizational and communication skills are also essential. Research experience 
in affective, clinical or cognitive neuroscience (e.g., conducting and analyzing 
fMRI or MRI studies), behavioral experiment administration, IRB management, or 
clinical interviewing experience will all be viewed positively, but are not required. 
The position is for a two-year commitment. 

Interested parties should email a CV, names of relevant professional references, 
and a brief statement of interest to Michael Treadway: 

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