April 14, 2014

Interactive teleconference interview with Mary Burke, Ph.D. on The Psychology of Human Trafficking

Interactive teleconference interview with Mary Burke, Ph.D. on The Psychology of Human Trafficking
Meet the Experts: An Interview with Mary Burke, Ph.D.
Thursday April 17, 2014 from 4:00 – 5:00 PM Eastern Time
Dr. Burke will discuss the topic, “The Psychology of Human Trafficking.”
Dr. Burke is Chair and Associate Professor of the Counseling Psychology Program at Carlow University in Pittsburgh.
Dr. Burke founded and directs the Project to End Human Trafficking (www.endhumantrafficking.org). This United States based non-profit group works regionally, nationally, and internationally to raise awareness about the enslavement and economic exploitation of human beings. In this role, Dr. Burke has given close to one hundred and fifty talks about human trafficking both in the United States and abroad and has begun regional anti-trafficking coalitions in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland. In addition, she has spoken to various state and regional elected officials in Pennsylvania and Virginia regarding this issue and has worked on legislation in these states in support of strengthening human trafficking laws. Dr. Burke currently serves on Pennsylvania’s Senate Resolution 253 Advisory Committee, which was established for the purpose of making recommendations to the State’s General Assembly regarding human trafficking in Pennsylvania. She is author of Human Trafficking: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, published by Routledge/Taylor Francis.
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