June 2, 2014

Post-doc and Early Career Opportunities at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

The Military Psychiatry Branch at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Silver Spring, MD is looking to hire a general research post-doc and an early career health services researcher starting this fall.

Though the word "psychiatry" is in the branch, we actually have just two psychiatrists with the rest being PhDs psychologists/sociologists/social workers and masters level RA/project managers. We're a mix of civilians and service members. It's a nice group to work in personality-wise with an important topic area  and quality research.

The point of contact for the post-doc (the first attachment) is CPT Kristin Saboe atKristin.n.saboe.mil@mail.mil and the early career contact is Dr. Josh Wilk atJoshua.e.wilk.civ@mail.mil. Also feel free to ask me about the branch in general.

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