April 22, 2015

Free Conference Call this Friday for students and post-docs

Free Conference Call this Friday for students and post-docs:
"Bridging the Gap Between Research and Clinical Practice"

If you know any psychology students or post-doctoral fellows interested in the following questions, they can join a free conference call this Friday for answers:

1. To what extent do clinicians draw on research to inform their practice?
2. To what extent do researchers draw on clinical practice to inform their research?
3. In other words, how big is the gap between research and clinical practice?
4. What is the cause of this gap and why is this gap so much larger than in other health professions?
5. What is being done in graduate schools to bridge this gap?
6. What is being done by professional organizations to bridge this gap?
7. What can early career psychologists (e.g., students and post-docs) do to ensure that they don't contribute to this gap, now and in their futures?

Since January of this year, the Society of Addiction Psychology (SoAP; APA Division 50) has sponsored free educational conference calls for students and post-doctoral fellows.  These have become increasingly popular and the next call, scheduled for this Friday (4/24), is on "Bridging the Gap Between Research and Clinical Practice." Drs. Marvin Goldfried and Linda Sobell, will be co-presenters on this call, which will certainly prove to be an interesting educational experience for all who participate.

Here are the instructions for students and post-docs who wish to be on this call:
Friday at noon,* dial into the conference line: (712) 775-7031
When prompted, enter the meeting ID and the # sign: 784-557-822#.
*Please note that this will be 1pm on the East coast and 10am on the West coast.

For more details, and to listen to past Conference Calls, you can visit this website: http://cbtaddictions.org/d50/2015/04/16/our-next-conference-call-friday-may-24th-at-noon-cdst/. We request that those planning to join us on the call RSVP by clicking on the same link.

The entire 60-minute call will be audio-recorded and archived for those wanting to listen in the future.

If you have any questions about this conference call please feel free to contact me directly via e-mail: bliese@kumc.edu.

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