May 26, 2015

SSCP Student Poster Competition Winners

SSCP holds a student poster competition at each annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science. This year, we had almost 70 posters presented by student members of SSCP. I thank Andrea Niles and Brooke Ammerman for providing a tremendous amount of help in organizing the review process for the initial abstract submissions. In addition, I thank the other judges for the competition who met with student presenters at the poster session – Bethany Teachman, Sara Bufferd, Stewart Shankman, David Rosmarin, and Mitch Prinstein.

The competition yielded great diversity in the content of the work, but was uniformly of high quality. This led to numerous difficult decisions for the judges. This year, SSCP was able to award prizes to 3 winners ($200 prize) and 6 Distinguished Contributions ($100 prize).

The winners of the 2015 SSCP Student Poster Competition are:

“The “Big Three” Personality Disorders: Rethinking the DSM’s Cluster System”
Student Author: Joanna Berg
Co-authors: Jamie Kennedy, Cynthia Ramirez, Lindsay Stewart, Boadie Dunlop, Helen Mayberg, W. Craighead


“Assessing Clinical Complexity: Evidence for Network-Based Prediction of Suicidal Ideation”

Student Author: Diana Steakley-Freeman

Co-authors: Eric Wesselmann, Janis Whitlock, Sarah Caputo

“Stability of EEG Frontal Asymmetry and associations with maternal depression in young children”
Student Author: Brandon Goldstein
Co-authors:  Dana Torpey-Newman, Autumn Kujawa, Daniel Klein, Stewart Shankman

The Distinguished Contributions are:

Reflexive Avoidance in Veterans with and without Combat-Related Post-traumatic Stress Disorder”

Student Author: Carolyn Davies
Co-authors:  Lisa Burklund, Matthew Lieberman, Michelle Craske, Mike Rinck

Fluctuation in Self-Reported Motivation is Negatively Associated with Effort for Reward”

Student Author: Jessica Swinea
Co-authors:  Taban Salem, E. Samuel Winer, Michael Nadorff 

“Neurophysiological Evidence Linking Children's Mindset and Post-error Performance”

Student Author: Sharon Lo
Co-authors:  Hans Schroder , Megan Fisher, Jason Moser, Judith Danovitch

“The Interaction Between Parental Depression and Parental Hostility on Preschoolers’ Cortisol Awakening Response”

Student Author: Katherine Leppert
Co-authors:  Feven Fisseha, Victoria Smith, Lea Dougherty, Suzanne Rose

Investigation of the relation of atypical antipsychotic use and stress on weight gain in individuals in the psychosis prodrome: preliminary analyses”
Student Author: Joya Hampton
Co-authors:  Hanan Trotman, Elaine Walker, Larry Seidman, Jean Addington, Carrie Bearden, Kristin Cadenhead, Tyrone Cannon, Thomas McGlashan, Scott Woods, Barbara Cornblatt, Robert Heinssen, Daniel Mathalon, Ming Tsuang, Diana Perkins

Family History in Youth at Clinical High Risk for Psychosis with Comorbid ADHD”

Student Author: Katrina Goines
Co-authors:  Jean Addington, Larry Seidman, Ming Tsuang, Scott Woods, Elaine Walker, Katrina Goines, Carrie Bearden, Kristin Cadenhead, Tyrone Cannon, Barbara Cornblatt, Robert Heinssen, Daniel Mathalon, Thomas McGlashan, Diana Perkins

Congratulations to these exceptional students!

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