September 17, 2015

Apply for the SSCP Student Diversity Research Award

Outstanding SSCP Student Diversity Research Award Guidelines 

$200 Monetary Award and a free year membership to SSCP

How shall we define an outstanding student researcher for the purposes of this award?

Candidates are those who have made exceptional contributions to diversity in clinical science. Applicants may be a member of a diverse group (broadly defined), engage in diversity related research, or both. Members of all underrepresented and minority groups are encouraged to apply. Applicants will be evaluated on multiple criteria, including but not limited to the following:

a. Student has published articles in peer reviewed journals that advance the science of clinical psychology.

b. Student has received grant(s) to conduct research that advance the science of clinical psychology.  If student has applied for grant(s) or aided advisor in applying for grant(s), this can also be noted.

c. Student has received award(s) for their contributions to clinical science at the university,
regional, or national level.

d. Student has presented poster, paper, or symposium presentations that advance the science of
clinical psychology.

e. Student has made an unusually advanced theoretical or clinical contribution to the science of
clinical psychology in their work.

How should the award be publicized to the membership?

Graduate students (including those on internship) and post-doctoral fellows will be considered for this award.

Students must be members of SSCP. Notifications about the award as well as application deadlines (i.e., a yearly Call for Applications) will be disseminated by way of emails to both the main and student listservs, postings on the SSCP website, SSCP Facebook and Twitter pages, and by word of mouth. The Call for Applications should be announced in September.

What will be the application process?

No nominations are required to apply for this award. Rather students should submit applications themselves by email to the Student Diversity Research Award Representative ( of the SSCP Awards Committee (see below for composition of committee). Applications should include: (a) the Outstanding SSCP Student Diversity Research Award Cover Sheet; (b) A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s advisor that should specifically speak to the applicant’s background and/or contributions to furthering diversity in clinical science. The letter should be sent directly by the advisor for consideration; (c) a personal essay summarizing the applicant’s background and/or contributions to furthering diversity in clinical science (300-400 words); (d) one work sample (peer reviewed article, poster, etc); and (e) the student’s current Curriculum Vitae.

Application packages should be received by December 1.

How will nominees for the award be evaluated and winners determined?

Awardees will be selected by the SSCP Awards Committee, which consists of the Chair of the SSCP Diversity Committee, two Diversity Committee members, two Board members, a student representative to the Board, and one Member. Each member of the committee will read all applications, and the recipient of the award will be the student named as most outstanding by four of the six committee members after email or other discussion by the committee.  In the event that there are too many applications for their evaluation to be handled in this manner, the applications will be divided up among the committee members; each will nominate the applicant they believe to be most outstanding.  The applications of those nominees will then be read by all committee members, and a decision will be made as above.

When should the award be given?

Notification of the awardee will be made in February. Selected students will be featured in the SSCP Newsletter and on the SSCP website and listserv.

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