November 8, 2015

Congratulations to the winners of the SSCP Outstanding Student Researcher Award 2015!

Congratulations to the winners of the second annual SSCP Outstanding Student Researcher Award. We received a great many impressive submissions, and are thrilled to recognize the achievements of:

Jonathan Stange
Advisor: Lauren B. Alloy, Ph.D.
University: Temple University
Expected graduation: 2016
Current Internship: University of Illinois at Chicago

Colleen Stiles-Shields
Advisor: David C. Mohr, Ph.D.
University: Northwestern University
Expected graduation: 2017

Hannah Williamson
Advisor: Thomas Bradbury, Ph.D.
University: University of California, Los Angeles
Expected graduation: 2017

Please look for an interview feature with our winners in the Winter 2016 Newsletter.

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