September 24, 2013

Participate in Research Studying Computer-Assisted Therapy Programs for MAP and BA

Mental health professionals, including students in training, are currently being recruited to participate in research that would allow participants to learn and use Mastery of Anxiety and Panic treatment for panic disorder (MAP, also known as Panic Control Treatment) and/or Behavioral Activation treatment (BA) for depression.  The research is focused on evaluating an innovative computer-assisted therapy program that provides training and on-the-job support to clinicians learning MAP and BA.

Participating clinicians in these studies will receive 9 months of access to the computer-assisted therapy program at no cost and will be compensated for completing brief research assessments.  To learn more about the specific opportunities, you can visit our website at:!research/cqpw.

Individuals interested in learning MAP can complete a brief, online eligibility screen at:

Individuals interested in learning BA can complete a brief, online eligibility screen at:

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