May 13, 2014

Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Centre for Comparative Criminology at the University of Montreal


The international Centre for Comparative Criminology (CICC) at the University of Montreal is offering one postdoctoral  fellowship (CAD $35,000 a year) for 2015. The postdoctoral project should be related to one of the CICC's research  themes and the applicant should be ready to assume responsibilities related to more general activities in our research centre. To learn more about the CICC's research themes, please visit our website:

1. You must hold a PhD degree, granted no more than three years prior to the proposed starting date of the
fellowship, before starting postdoctoral research.
2. You must be supervised by a regular researcher from the CICC who formally agrees to supervise your
postdoctoral research and to guarantee the feasibility of the project. The first step in applying is therefore to
contact a CICC researcher to develop a project that can be completed within a 12-month period. For information  on our regular researchers and their fields of research, please visit our website:
3. You must have completed your university studies in a field relevant or related to criminology. Principal related fields are anthropology, forensics, law, history, psychiatry, psycho-education, psychology, political science, sociology, applied social sciences statistics, and social work.
4. You must have a working knowledge of French or English and be able to write scientific papers in either French or English.
5. Priority will be given to candidates who have obtained their PhDs from universities other than the University of  Montreal.
6. The postdoctoral position will be from January to December 2015.
7. Applications must be submitted to the CICC before 30 June 2014.

You agree to:
1. work on your fellowship in Montreal at the CICC offices;
2. write at least one article, connected to your postdoctoral research project, to be submitted to a scientific
3. present at least one conference on your work as part of the CICC conference series;
4. take an active part in CICC activities.

Your application may be written in either English or French.
Please include:
1. A description of your research project containing detailed information on the subject,
 including important sources, your objectives, the methodology to be used, and the
 schedule you plan to follow.
2. A statement indicating why you wish to carry out your project at the CICC.
3. A curriculum vitae outlining your main achievements.
4. Three letters of reference, including a letter from your PhD supervisor and a letter from the CICC researcher who has
 agreed to sponsor you. The original signed letters should be sent by mail.
5. A summary of your doctoral thesis (3 to 5 pages).

1. Please send your reference letters by priority mail only to:
Centre international de criminologie comparée (CICC)
University of Montreal
Pavillon Lionel-Groulx
3150, rue Jean-Brillant, Room C-4086
Montreal (Quebec) H3T 1N8
Phone: 514-343-7065
2. Other documents should be sent by email in one pdf document to

A final decision on the grant will be made in September 2014.

* Although the Centre's title might suggest that the research must have a comparative aspect, this is not a requirement.
** It is important to note that the University of Montreal does not withhold taxes at source on scholarships. Postdoctoral fellows must pay taxes on  scholarship revenue and need to follow income tax policies in Quebec and Canada

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